The extras are just a few more things we wanted to offer our customers. Starnes Heating and Air wanted to hear from our customers, give them some deals and fill them in on some basic HVAC questions. We care about providing an all around service, not just the heating installation you got, but the best deal with understanding of what we do.





Are you wondering what type of service we provide? Why don’t you come see what our customers have to say about us. Or, if you’ve used our HVAC services in the past, let us know how we did! We love hearing from our community about whatever service we performed, as it allows us to constantly improve. This builds the Starnes philosophy we confidently stand behind, as we explain on our about us page.


Come check out what deals we are offering at the moment. Get that seasonal maintenance done before the weather gets in your home or check for AC installation specials for your new home. We always strive to have the best prices around Granite Falls and pass all savings down the line directly to you. Having the best prices maintains our confidence that we offer the best HVAC services around.


At Starnes, our whole family of employees has uncountable combined years of experience. In these years, we have heard and answered a lot of questions for our customers. Of course, some of the questions we hear a lot more than others and we wanted to have a list of those questions here. We compiled the most common HVAC questions we get and answered them here for you to benefit.