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No matter if you get a new air conditioner installed or just got some winter furnace maintenance, we are committed to improving our business every day and it’s hard work without feedback from those we help. We would love to hear from you!If you’ve read the about us, then you know by now how seriously we take our HVAC work. This, of course, carries over into our care for our family of employees and the local Granite Falls community we support. This is why, with our customers in mind, we have review services available to hear from you in a new way. By building this relationship with our community, we feel we can know what we are doing properly and target the areas we can improve. After this many years of experience and service to our local Granite Falls area, we are just polishing off our HVAC abilities for you, but we always strive to improve however we can. We always love feedback from our customers but if there was an issue with maintenance you had, don’t hesitate to give us a call first at 828-266-0064. Through all of our services, be it heating repairs or installations, we want to honor our original commitment and work out a solution to problems that arise rather than have an upset customer. Starnes Heating and Air strives to provide the best service in every way we can, so let us know how we did by leaving a review.