Starnes Heating and Air makes your comfort our top priority, which is why we offer solutions for any HVAC problem homeowners could encounter. This could range from repairing a air conditioner or heat pump that can’t keep up, a replacement on a new ac unit, or preventative maintenance to keep everything running smoothly between seasons.



Maintenance Plans

Here in Granite Falls, the weather gets the extreme highs of summer and the freezing lows of winter, making our maintenance packages perfect for year-round service. With this package, there is no need to worry about your heating and air performance as our certified technicians will take care of everything before it’s an issue. If this option does not seem right for you, we of course offer general maintenance services anytime of the year without committing to a package deal.




AC & Heating Repair

When your furnace doesn’t help the cold or your air conditioner is blowing warm air, our emergency repair services are the best option. Our technicians are certified and trained to perform air conditioner repairs and heating repairs and get the job done properly the first time around. Unfortunately, a furnace has many parts, like an air conditioner, and can experience failures from time to time. You can trust Starnes to deliver the highest quality repairs in the Granite Falls area.



AC & Heating Installation

If your air conditioner or furnace has completely stopped working and no amount of repairs will fix the problem, Starnes is here to help. Our heating installations and air conditioner installations are Rheem certified and performed by top of the line technicians to ensure quality and comfort for you and your family. We can help pick the unit that is right for your home and have the installation completed before your house even has time to cool down this winter!