Even an air conditioner that has undergone regular maintenance and had all problems repaired quickly, it will still be broken eventually with enough time and require a new HVAC system installation. The units are built to withstand stress beyond what most appliances can take, but sitting outside and running for months at a time will wear any air conditioner past its prime.

As discussed, after enough years, most units will fail to perform well enough to cool your house or you will have an outright broken air conditioning system. When this happens, Starnes Heating and Air can help you find the right Ruud certified unit for your house size and the other specifications so that it fits in with the rest of your system. The heat pump, which helps pump air around the house year round, and central system need to be considered as well, and we will take care of all the hard installation work for you. Ruud units will last the longest and have the highest specifications and certifications, including SEER for their air conditioners.

If you’re family is moving into a new house and you need a new air conditioning unit installed, we can also help choose the right AC unit and heat pump to fit the specifications of your house. It is usually easier and provides more options when moving to a new place, as you can choose the other units in the house as well and worry less about everything working properly together. Again, upon move-ins, Ruud units will be the highest performing and most efficient units around.

With the partnership Starnes Heating and Air has with Ruud products, the best prices can be passed down to the customer. We can also confidently stand behind their products because we have worked with them for years and know they are the best. Give us a call today at 828-266-0064 or fill out our form for an analysis and quotes on a new air conditioner or heat pump for you today..

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