A New Heating Installation Can Prepare You For The Cold

Furnaces work hard day in and day out through the winter, especially around Granite Falls where it gets cold. Our maintenance services will keep units running for much longer than they normally would and our heating repair can fix most problems that arise, but eventually all units will fail. They are built to withstand the worst we can throw at them especially the high quality products built at Rheem, but they are complicated machines with many working parts.

When this happens to you, your first choice in installation should be Starnes Heating and Air. We will help determine the right furnace for your home, based on the size and the other units it is working with, such as the heat pump. We can also install and help pick out a heat pump, which run year round, for your home if that is the cause of the issues you are having. All Rheem furnaces are certified AFUE as highest efficiency standards.

Ruud HVAC UnitsIf you don’t have a broken furnace but you are moving, you may still need to purchase your own furnace and heat pump for winter comfort, depending on the home. If you do, Starnes will be there to determine what size units you need and the cheapest and easiest ways to get them installed in your new home. You can always trust us to offer the fastest and cheapest services around Granite Falls, just read our about us to learn about our philosophy.

With the partnership Starnes Heating and Air has with Rheem products, the best prices can be passed down to the customer. We can also confidently stand behind their products because we have worked with them for years and know they are the best. Give us a call today at 828-266-0064 or fill out our form for an analysis and quotes on a new furnace or heat pump for you today.

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