Maintenance IconMaintenance on your HVAC system is as important as upgrading your phone or rotating your tires. Without a properly functioning unit, your monthly bill for running your heating and air could double! Your fan motor will have to run constantly to push through and eventually overheat or break down, requiring a repair. This also slows the rate of heating and cooling inside the house. The state of your air conditioning system and furnace can dramatically affect the quality of the air you breathe in your home. By regularly maintaining your HVAC system, your bill will remain lower while your house gets to temperature more quickly, and the air you breathe will feel fresher than ever.

To provide the most longevity to your HVAC system and add efficiency, our preventative maintenance packages are the way to go. We regularly maintenance your furnace and air conditioner to assure it is always working properly and never needs repairs. The yearly package is the most economical service offered and we have found that it saves on long-term costs like repairs and unit installations for replacements. Along with the savings in money over time, our general maintenance service will improve the air quality in your home by targeting problem points in your ventilation system. We hope you choose Starnes Heating and Air for your ongoing services for your home's HVAC units.

If the maintenance packages aren’t what you are looking for, we offer one-time, general maintenance services as well. These are useful if your furnace, heat pump, or ac unit has not been serviced in a long time or it doesn’t seem to be heating or cooling properly. If the cost to run your air conditioner or heater has gone up, we can also diagnose that issue and try to maintenance the unit so it works efficiently again. This service can also pinpoint issues involving indoor air quality to provide a healthier home environment. If you forego the maintenance plan, we suggest getting at least two check-ups done per year, before summer and winter, to keep the temperature, monthly bills and indoor air quality right for you.

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